This White Woman’s Shocking Account of Police Brutality Has a Lesson About Race in America

Molly Suzanna used her Facebook to share a story that she had never told before with all of her friends: when she was 19, she ran a red light while crying, then was pulled over and forcefully removed and beaten by a police officer. "He bounced my head off the side of the car when he was putting me in, all while laughing," she wrote. "He called for backup and none of the other officers would touch me. One even said, on camera, ‘This is wrong, man. She ran a red light.’" Suzanna described having most of her clothes ripped and her high heel being broken. Suzanna claims she was charged with resisting arrest. Suzanna then recounted her night in jail, which included being strapped to a chair for five hours. She also said that, after they released her, she was charged with possessing marijuana."How do you hide a joint from an officer while cuffed with a broken wrist and get it underneath the bolted in backseat of a cop car?" Suzanna wrote. Read More


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