Cops take matters into their own hands with Waze fake police reports

You don’t listen to our complaints and requests to take down that feature? Fine, we’ll do it our own way. At least, that’s what we think what the cops are saying to Google and Waze since they were basically ignored. We reported a few weeks ago about the issues cops are having with the police feature in the navigation app, and this time, they are taking matters into their own hands, so to speak. Several prominent police officials requested that Google take down that feature in Waze where users can share cop sightings in the areas, saying that this can actually be used by some people for nefarious and dangerous purposes. Even though most people use them to actually avoid cops, they believe that it poses a danger to some cops’ well-being, especially given tense relations lately between the public and law enforcement in some states. NBC Miami has reported that some cops in the region have taken to the digital streets by downloading Waze and then flooding it with fake reports of police sightings. This is both in unofficial protest against Google and also to confuse users and throw off the scent on actual sightings. There is nothing in the user agreement that requires people (or agencies) to make legit reports, which is also one of the drawbacks of a crowd-sourced navigation app like Waze. There is no official statement yet from any law enforcement agency if this is an actual campaign. There is also no word from Google regarding the latest development in their “tiff” with the cops. Let’s wait for the next chapter in this ongoing digital argument. VIA: SlashGear


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