Disneyland Mobbed By Dancing Families Protesting Police Killings


Anaheim’s central venue for its tourism industry, the Disneyland Resort, was mobbed on Tuesday, amongst busy visitors just hours before their “fireworks spectacular.” Families and supporters of recent police killing victims armed themselves with masks and music as they hit the resort’s “downtown” district with a “flash-mob-style” action. Some of the masked “mobbers” carried rolled pieces of paper to hand out to guests, whom seemed supportive of the melodic rally. As some of these scrolled notes were unrolled, however, some happy faces quickly turned blank as they were struck with a bit of reality. One woman was quick to throw her note on the floor, only for a “justice warrior” to pick it up and continue handing them out. The notes listed names of the killed and said :Tonight we dance in honor of all lives lost at the hands of law enforcement. Together we fight to expose the truth that the media won’t share. And we demand that the police stop killing our people!! Who made them judge, jury and executioner?!? Join us before your loved one is killed by an officer!” The action came to an end with resort security “accompanying” the flash-mob participants out the Downtown Disney district.

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